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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tyranny has no place in the land of the Free

It has been said and I suppose it will continue to be announced  that this Republic is a land that believe in freedom and  justice for all, after all, that is the last line in her "Oath to the country and the citizens" of  her land. In many ways this Republic continue to evolve as well it should, for to become stalemated is to render to no growth and in most cases to regression. There are numerous contentions taking place within this place I call home that need some serious attention, not at all the least of these are the War on Drugs and the method which I understand is being employed in this endeavor. In the great state of  New York, it has been reported by credible sources that those that have the obligation to serve and protect are doing anything but that.The words Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect (CPR) are proudly displayed on your vehicles, to treat the citizens of "color" in a disdainful fashion certainly is not what I consider to be known as being any of the CPR's.  In the past nine years some six-hundred thousand citizens have been incarcerated, why? Some for merely  having the smell of the cannabis marijuana coming from their vehicles or having a small residue of the cannabis on themselves,  not only that, but many Africa-Americans are being frisked and dehumanized by those that are to serve and protect without just call. Since the present mayor of the state of New York has occupied city hall, Mayor Bloomberg, the incarceration rate of minorities [African-Americans] and [Hispanics] has sky-rocketed, what is behind this? This phenomenal event is going on throughout these United States and it is undermining all that we as a people claim we stand for. It is perhaps one of the reasons one of the oldest organizations for civil rights,  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) called for a few weeks ago an end to the war on drugs. If those in leadership positions and those that are to enforce the laws in this country are going to do so with malice and aberration, then we, as citizens of this great Republic had better re-examine the Oath that we so proudly  proclaim. Liberty and Justice mean: with  freedom and fairness, For All, means: "For each person in the country... You and Me ". This is without exception. Integrity, Honesty and Uprightness (IHU) is a light in which all can gravitate toward, acts of tyranny will eventually leave all that practice such in Abject Obscurity.